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Leadership Team

Ms Buttery  - Headteacher

Miss Moule -  Assistant Head and Inclusion Manager

Mrs M-L Tyler  - School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Miss Forster

Sweetpea NPF - Nursery

Mr Godwin

Snowdrop RSG - Reception class

Mrs Chaberska

Daffodil RAC - Reception class

Miss McKenna

Rose LM – Year 1 class

Miss Ford

Sunflower 1YF – Year 1 class

Mrs Norman

Bluebell 2JN – Year 2 class

Mr Hamilton

Thistle 2DH – Year 2 class

Mrs Bryan Miss Todd

Poppy 3KB/ST – Year 3 class

Mr  Gibbs

Busy Lizzy 3AG – Year 3 class

Miss Frampton & Mr Dunstone

Tulip 4SF/TD – Year 4 class

Mrs Kerslake

Lavender 4CK – Year 4 class

Mrs Matthews

Honeysuckle 5SM – Year 5 class

Miss Groves

Lily 5GG – Year 5 class

Mr Gordon

Waterviolets 6AG – Year 6 class

Miss Trahearn

Daisy 6HT – Year 6 class

PPA Teachers

Mrs Mills     Mrs Evans     Mrs Marsh      Mrs Went

Specialist TAs

Staff member


Mrs Smith

Behaviour Specialist

Mrs Mulqueen

Reading Specialist

Mrs Creek

SEN Specialist

Mrs Kiley

Speech and Language Specialist

Mrs James

Counselling and Nurture Groups

Class based TAs

Miss Ablett

Mrs Appleby

Mrs Frome

Miss Carter

Mrs Colligan

Miss Green

Mrs Healy

Miss Hester

Mrs Ison

Mrs Johnston

Mrs Jones

Miss Moore

Miss Robertshaw

Mrs Tibbott

Mrs Verrall

Office Team

Staff member


Mrs Sancaster

Safeguarding Manager

Mrs Carrier

School Secretary

Mrs Clements

Admin Assistant

Premises Team

Mrs Frome

Site Manager

Miss Richardson


Ms Dirma


Mrs Clements


Mrs turner


Mrs Verrall


Lunchtime Teams

Keys Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Mrs Clements

Mrs Verrall

Miss Richardson

Mrs Neep

Mrs Lemon

Mrs Ison

Mrs Woodward

Mrs Abdul Qadir

Miss Robertshaw


Mrs Haw


Miss Hester

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Headteacher: Theresa Buttery

Buttsgrove Way
PE29 1PE

Contact Details

To contact the school please phone (01480) 375321

Or email office@thongsleyfields.cambs.sch.uk

Office staff are
Mrs Carrier and Mrs Clements